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Marriage retreat at The Opryland Hotel & Convention Center—Performance and workshops lead by Bob & Evy Smith.

The 5 Key Parts of a Harmonious Marriage!

Bob and Evy Smith, performing songwriters and authors of the new book
How To Make Your Marriage Sing!
are offering a night of live music, inspiration from their 45 years of marriage, and
teaching on key biblical dynamics to keep the music of your marriage playing!
1. The Divine Melody 
A. Christ's presence—the unifying theme of marriage
B. Christ's Spirit—the transforming power of marriage
C. Christ's love—the sacrificial model for marriage

2. Harmonic Companionship 
A. The covenant of companionship—the basis of marriage
B. Oneness—the three-chord strand of marriage
C. Personal & relational growth—the shared adventure of marriage

3. Relational Dynamics 
A. Understanding—the depth of marriage
B. Grace "SPACE"—allowing for deference in marriage
C. Roles—the equilibrium of marriage

4. Resolving Marital Dissonance
A. Fighting the good fight—God's purpose for growth in marriage
B. Conflict resolution—God's strategy for growth in marriage
C. Forgiveness—God's mercy for growth in marriage

5. The Rhythm of Love 
A. Unconditional love—the commitment of marriage
B. Perpetual love—the little things in marriage
C. Speaking the truth in love—the non-judgemental language of marriage
The integration of these 5 key parts helps couples to keep focused on things that build a dynamic relationship, stay connected, and proactively engaged—even through conflict—while providing a foundation for a lasting marriage.
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